About us

We’re here to provide you with carefully crafted hypnotherapy packages which put you in control of your own progress. Our packages blend hypnotherapy with other approaches in order to offer you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

You’ve always been able to buy hypnotherapy recordings on any issue you can name. They sell the idea that you can resolve a deep-seated problem with one single CD or MP3. Too often these recordings rely more upon trance-inducing music and repeated assertions of “you are now feeling more confident” than on any real therapeutic content.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of these recordings already and realise that you need something more.

Perhaps you’ve also been to see a counsellor before and have found that talking things through, whilst helpful and comforting, didn’t resolve the problem. Counselling can be truly fantastic but it isn’t for everybody. Many people want practical support as well as warmth and empathy. Our packages provide all of that and more.

There’s a better way.

Hypnotherapists can too often address symptoms alone and fail to work with deeper underlying issues. Hypnotherapy recordings will commonly fall into this trap too.

Counselling and psychotherapy will too often become problem-focused conversations which continue for years.

We at The Hypnotherapy Store recognise that you need help and not just warm words or words recorded with whales moaning soulfully in the background.

We provide in depth psychotherapeutic content delivered through hypnotherapy and a range of other approaches.

There is a better way!

Our packages deal with the surface problem as well as tackling any underlying issues which keep that problem in place. Effective, comprehensive and flexible, our packages put you in charge! You can achieve your goals. We know this and we’ll help you to build that same degree of confidence in yourself.

Seeing clients achieve their goals is one of the best things in the world to witness. We’re sorry that we won’t be there to see you achieve yours but through the packages we have to offer it will feel as if we’re there with you, every step of the way.

UKCP standard hypnotherapy and psychotherapy: serious therapy for people who are serious about achieving their goals.

We understand that parting with money involves trust, trust that the product you’re buying is worth the money you’re investing. We always understood this and this is why we invested so heavily in training, in training the hard way.

The standard hypnotherapy training is ten months in duration. Some take a little longer and a great many take far less time to complete. I’ve seen plenty of people undertake a single week of ‘training’ and then launch themselves upon the public as ‘therapists’. You deserve better.

UKCP (The UK Council for Psychotherapy) insists on trainings which take four years. They insist on a minimum of degree level education in their trainees. Trainees must undertake their own personal therapy, whilst training, and undertake many hundreds of hours of classroom hours. There is no standard of psychotherapy training more rigorous.

The contents of The Hypnotherapy Store’s Packages are designed and constructed with such training as their foundations. Written, recorded and delivered to you by a UKCP registered hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, you can be certain that these packages are the highest quality of their kind.