An integrative approach to hypnotherapy

Some therapists can become quite ideological at times. There are certain people who seem to believe that their way is the only way, that their particular brand of therapy is the best that ever was and ever shall be.

The Hypnotherapy Store has a different approach. We believe that there are many roads to Rome and that effective therapeutic approaches are adaptable, flexible and able to integrate a range of different methodologies.

The Hypnotherapy Store bases its packages upon an integration of several different therapeutic approaches and this page explains what they are and how they might relate to you.

The Hypnotherapy Store offers packages for various problems and conditions. Each package is built upon a careful blend of hypnotherapeutic, mindful, gestalt, psychodynamic, NLP and CBT approaches.

Other approaches, including Transactional Analysis and Inner Child Therapy, are used when relevant.

All are put to good use within a solution focused framework. After all, you’re here looking for solutions and we want to help you to achieve them.

What are the major influences upon our packages?

Hypnotherapy can help you to undo such connections and to build more constructive responses.

Hypnotherapy helps you to harness the power of your imagination in ways which help rather than hinder. Have no doubt, the way in which you direct your imagination will often mean the difference between success and failure.

Hypnotherapy enables you to attach different emotional responses to certain stimuli. For example, if you’re afraid of spiders then you have learned to connect the fear response to the sight of a spider. Our packages help you to use your emotions more helpfully.

Someone wise once said that therapy isn’t about helping people to feel better. Its job is to help them to be better at feeling. If you’re suffering anxiety or depression then perhaps you’ll understand what this means.

Building a better relationship with your feelings is often the first step to being free of them. Mindfulness helps stop the vicious circle of being anxious about being anxious or angry at yourself for being depressed.

Mindfulness, along with hypnotherapy, forms the major part of our hypnotherapy packages.

Like mindfulness, Gestalt therapy encourages clients to be present in the here and now, to understand how they behave, what they do and to take responsibility for their actions.

When the client gains insight into how they are as they are, they then have the option to continue with that course of action or to change.

Experimenting with change consolidates the possibility of change and drives further changes.

Clients, like everybody else, make excuses for their behaviours. Gestalt therapy cuts through the nonsense, leaving the client feeling able to take positive steps to a better future.

We love Inner Child Therapy at The Hypnotherapy Store. That little part of you which beats you up, which criticises everything you do and which feels all the anxiety – that’s the inner child.

It tries to hold you back, it tries, by doing so, to keep you safe. By hating it you only hate yourself and so drive the pain, the damage deeper. Learn to love your inner child and heal the wound within.

We use Inner Child Therapy to help you to heal yourself from within. Expect to find it within the anxiety and depression packages and in more besides.

Most of what you believe, think, feel, do and are is a result of your upbringing. It has become so much a part of you that you barely even know to question any of it.

It is a part of you and so forms a part of what people might call your ‘unconscious mind’. This is just a term for those parts of your mind which are beyond conscious control.

Our hypnotherapy packages give you the means through which you can learn to mould your unconscious mind to better match and suit your goals and ambitions.

Your thoughts are powerful. We at The Hypnotherapy Store believe that your feelings are more powerful still.

However, your thoughts are powerful and the way in which you relate to them and respond to their urgings will be important to your problem and are important to its solution.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages will help you to deal with your thought processes more effectively and to learn that they don’t have to be your master any longer.

Take back control!

All of the above therapies are wonderful approaches to problems. Solution Focused Brief Therapy, however, focuses its energies on finding solutions.

Practical approaches to finding solutions will see your problems begin to shrink, day by day, until they trouble you no longer.

Allied to the other approaches listed above, a solution focused approach will help you to leave your problems behind you, once and for all.

Take back control and let us work together to find your solution.

Transactional Analysis, Exposure Response Prevention Therapy and other approaches also feature in our range of packages. Please visit the other pages on this site to read more of how varied approaches are integrated into a whole solution to whatever it is which bothers you now.