There are all kinds of myths surrounding hypnosis.

It’s not some weird and wonderful trance state. There’s nothing magical about it.

It doesn’t have to involve relaxation.

You can’t be made to do things against your will when in hypnosis.

Hypnosis is simply guided imagination. When your imagination is guided in a

therapeutic way it changes your reality. It helps to recondition hard-wired ways of being, thinking, responding and feeling.

It can make all the difference between success and failure.

Yes, if you allow it. After all, therapists or recordings only facilitate the experience, they don’t and can’t force it upon you.

If you’re willing to hear the recordings with an open mind then – perhaps with a little practice for some people – you’ll soon find yourself noticing little gaps of time when you stop being fully aware of what’s going on.

That’s a common sign of deep hypnosis.

In my experience I have met very few people who can’t experience hypnosis. Just be open to the experience without questioning it every few seconds.

The answer is YES! Hypnosis is perfectly safe. It’s safe if you’re young, it’s safe if you’re old. It’s safe if you are pregnant and it’s safe if you are on medication.

There’s nothing at all dangerous about hypnotherapy. Only those with issues surrounding psychosis and those with epilepsy need to be careful, as explained in our
terms and conditions.

Of course, the hypnotherapy recordings contained in these packages should not be utilised when driving or in similarly potentially dangerous circumstances. If you need to concentrate on what you’re doing, it’s not the right time to use these recordings.

If you are depressed and have, for example, a problem with alcohol abuse then you may feel it necessary to purchase one package for each problem.

You may find that there is a degree of overlap in purchasing two or more packages. However, once familiar with the structure of the packages you’ll be free to select the approaches relevant to you.

The Hypnotherapy Store recommends that you work on underlying issues first. So, if suffering from depression and alcohol dependency the depression should be worked upon first and foremost.

Remember that each package is designed to be flexible and sets out a variety of paths in order to cater for a range of different needs.

The answer to this is pretty much common sense.

Do your best to ensure that you’re somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Headphones or not, it doesn’t matter so long as you are able to hear the recording without straining to do so.

Pets such as dogs or cats may disturb your state of mind during the recordings. It’s best to make sure that they’re in another room.

Relaxation isn’t a necessary component of hypnosis but some recordings do encourage it. For that reason it’s helpful to ensure that you can lie down or recline in a comfortable chair or sofa.

There is still great debate amongst hypnotherapists as to whether or not falling asleep to a recording has an impact upon its efficacy.

The Hypnotherapy Store believes that hypnosis has very little in common with sleep. Deeper states of hypnosis can feel like the dozing states we experience at the beginning or end of a night’s sleep but it is not sleep.

It is our recommendation that sleeping through the recordings has a negative impact upon its efficacy.

If, therefore, you find yourself falling asleep to the recordings on a regular basis, it would be better for you to sit upright or to change the time when you listen.

The packages on offer are structured clearly and come with a booklet which explains the principles behind their construction.

They are designed to be self-explanatory and to be as comprehensive as they possibly can be.

However, it’s possible that you might find yourself in need of a little extra help.

Telephone or televisual (using zoom) sessions can be arranged if you need some extra input.

These can be arranged by contacting admin@thehypnotherapystore.com