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Psychotherapy keeps evolving

Psychotherapy, just as with every other field of human endeavour, is an ever-changing field. When Freud first began seeing clients he would always see them face to face, for there was no other alternative in the early Twentieth Century.

Over time people began to embrace other means of giving therapy. The NHS began to provide CBT via the telephone. The recent Covid 19 crisis saw clients shift, in their millions, to accessing hypnotherapy and psychotherapy through Zoom, Skype and other such methods. People could even provide therapy via interactive computer screens where text was the only means of communication.

Different strokes for different folks

Different ways of working emerged organically and each found its advocates and its detractors. For some people method A was a godsend. For others it signified a kind of heresy.

For some people the face to face approach was the only way to provide or receive therapy. For others. however, there just wasn’t any time, the right therapist was too far away or perhaps they simply didn’t want to bare all to a stranger.

I was trained as a hypnotherapist and a psychotherapist. As I learned my craft I despaired at those who promised miracle cures in a single session. I had learned enough to know that the salesmen of single session quick fixes were all too often unaware of how their clients later came to see me, or others like me, to do the job properly.

I worked online, as well as face to face, from the start of my career and so learned that there was more than one way to deliver quality psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, but what of those who simply didn’t have the time? What of those who couldn’t face coming to see a real therapist in person? What of those whose circumstances meant that family would be scathing or dismissive of their efforts to become the best possible people they could be?

Are hypnotherapy recordings the answer?

All too often they were simply one-hit wonder affairs. They didn’t engage the client in a process of working through their issues. They didn’t address deeper issues than the surface issue presented to them.

So, for example, there are plenty of men who suffer erectile dysfunction. A hypnotherapy recording might address the stress that such an issue would bring about in that moment when performance mattered. It wouldn’t, however, even begin to touch whatever had caused such a problem. Without working on the issues beneath the problem that same old problem of impotence would be all too likely to return.

Perhaps there’s a combination of approaches which might suit even more people

I realised that there was a large population of people who didn’t want, or who weren’t able, to engage in face to face psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. I realised that there were lots of people for whom the one-hit wonder of standard hypnotherapy recordings simply wouldn’t be good enough.

They still wanted and needed, however, the benefits from these approaches.

The Hypnotherapy Store provides a synthesis of approaches

I grew to realise that I could build a way of meeting the needs of such people. It was then that the idea of thehypnotherapystore.com was born.

*What we offer is a potential solution which harnesses and integrates hypnotherapeutic, mindful and psychotherapeutic approaches to change. What I offer is a package of interventions which encourage people to act, to act in their best interests and to act in the pursuit of their own goals.

*Each package contains recordings which help people to shift their thinking and emotions towards their positive goals.

*Each package contains practical interventions and the psychological tools which will assist them in achieving these practical steps towards their goals.

*Each package provides a suggested structure through which people can progress at a speed which best suits them.

*Each package encourages people to measure and reflect upon their progress, giving them the tools with which to do so.

*Each package is flexible in that it provides a range of possible methods through which they can work to change their lives for the better.

Each Package helps you to change, for the better, step by step and starting from the moment you begin.