Terms of use and Disclaimer


Many of the pages devoted to different conditions and problems recommend that you consult with medical professionals. In purchasing your package(s) you agree to abide by these recommendations and to absolve The Hypnotherapy Store from all responsibility for any and all consequences of not doing so.

Those diagnosed with psychosis in the present should not purchase or utilise The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages. Those who are taking anti-psychotic medication for previous episodes of psychosis should not purchase or utilise the contents of The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages unless given advice by a suitably qualified mental health professional that it is safe to do so.

People suffering from any severe form of mental health issue should consult with a suitably qualified medical or psychiatric professional prior to purchasing or using these products.

People suffering from epilepsy should also consult medical professionals before purchasing or utilising the contents of The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages.

Do not use the recordings contained within the packages whilst driving, operating heavy machinery, flying airplanes, piloting helicopters commanding spacecraft, fighting battles or in any other circumstance where a lapse in concentration might cause difficulties of one kind or another.

What we do with your data?

The Hypnotherapy Store does not receive, process or store data from yourself when you purchase a package. Should you choose to contact us outside of the sales interaction then data (such as emails received and so forth) will be deleted once the interaction is closed.

Should you purchase a therapy session in order to further your work on one of the packages then notes and details will be kept as is the case with any other psychotherapy client. They will kept in a manner accordant with GDPR and UKCP requirements.

The payment system we use is powered by ECWID. They do not receive, process or store any information pertaining to credit or debit cards in any shape or form. They merely act as a gateway between your purchase and your payment provider.

Information such as email addresses (necessarily collected in order to facilitate delivery of your hypnotherapy package(s)) is securely protected by ECWID and is managed in full compliance with GDPR requirements. You can read more about their security with regard to customer data HERE.


Www.thehypnotherapystore.com does not directly place any cookies on your computer or phone.

However, we do use Google Analytics in order to see how users of our website make their way through our site. This is to help us to improve our site and the service we deliver. Google Analytics may use cookies in order to facilitate this. these are entirely harmless.

The use of our products

Purchasing our products means that you now have access to digital intellectual property. It is yours to use, to transfer between your own devices and to keep.

In purchasing these products you agree not to sell or give them to others. You also agree not to use them for business purposes or to otherwise infringe copyright law.

Our guarantee / Disclaimer

We would never be so bold as to claim that our packages are going to work for every single person in every single situation. However, we can guarantee that the methods and approaches contained within these materials have been roadtested for years in therapy rooms with clients. Their efficacy is established and they are now on offer to you in digital form. Results may vary, as you would expect, from person to person.

In order to protect against piracy we do not offer refunds or returns except when the package delivered can be shown to be faulty.

The Packages themselves

The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages are delivered via email as MP3 audio recordings, MP4 videos and PDF documents. You will need to ensure that your ‘phone, tablet or computer is able to process such formats prior to purchase.