What do you want to change?

The Hypnotherapy Store offers a range of therapy packages designed to help you to free yourself from whatever it is which bothers you. Look below for the full list of packages on offer and simply click on the relevant image or button for more details.

If you look through the list and find your issue missing then why not get in touch and let us know? Our range of packages is constantly expanding and we’ll be glad to cater for your needs as quickly as is possible.

a button for accessing more information on the hypnotherapy store's alcohol abuse package.

Alcohol needn’t be allowed to ruin your life any longer. Our alcohol package could help you to take back control of your drinking habit and put alcohol to bed, once and for all.

Our alcohol package is designed for those who wish to stop drinking altogether, in a safe and sustainable manner.

Be free of alcohol and take back control of your life.

a button to access more information on the hypnotherapy store's anger package

If anger, rage and that constant feeling of frustration is damaging relationships, putting your job at risk and leaving you feeling embarrassed and ashamed then don’t lose heart.

Our anger package is designed to leave you in control of your emotions and able to regulate them in a healthier manner. Let’s work together to unleash the calmer, happier, emotionally healthier you!

a button to access more information on the hypnotherapy store's anxiety package

Anxiety takes all and is never satisfied. If anxiety is ruining your life and shrinking your world then it’s time to take action and free yourself from the fear.

Our anxiety package is designed to help people with generalised anxiety disorder. More specific forms of anxiety are catered for elsewhere in our product range.

If you’d like to get your life back and to move past this dreadful feeling of constant fear then click below to find out more about our package.

a button to access more information on the hypnotherapy store's depression package

Depression is one of the world’s most common health problems and so you’re by no means alone. Our depression package gives you the tools you need to set yourself free.

Please be aware that we also advise you to consult with your doctor. They may well be able to offer extra support.

Our Depression Package is fully compatible with anti-depressant medication.

A button for accessing more information on the hypnotherapy store's erectile dysfunction products

This must rank high on the list of every man’s greatest fears. Shame, fear and embarrassment become a self fulfilling prophecy in this nightmare of a vicious circle.

Our erectile dysfunction package will help you to recover your poise, dealing with both symptoms and any underlying issues.

Please also consult with your doctor regarding potential physical causes.

A button for accessing more information on the hypnotherapy store's health anxiety products

Health anxiety closely resembles OCD and can be just as destructive to a person’s quality of life. If health anxiety has become your master then it’s time to break those chains.

Our Health anxiety package gives you just the tools you need to free yourself, once and for all.

You’re here because you’re sick of your life being governed by irrational thoughts and anxiety. It’s time to put an end to it.

Click below to find out more!

A button for accessing more information on IBS and hypnotherapy

The pain, the fear of the pain, the fear of finding yourself without a nearby toilet, the fear of never being able to relax whilst out and about, ever again. The fear that there’s nothing to be done about it…

It’s a powerful package of fear and so it’s a good thing that our IBS package has a blend of powerful approaches with which to drive IBS away.

Please do consult with your GP. We can’t just self-diagnose such things.

Some people with OCD are obsessed with cleanliness. Others check the locks, the windows, the oven. Some have to tap things or avoid things in order to prevent disaster.

Others obsess that they’re not actually meant to be with their partners or that they may be homosexual.

OCD comes in many different forms and this package will help you to overcome your particular variety.

If panic attacks weren’t bad enough by themselves then the ever-present fear of panic attacks can be life-destroying.

If your life is being ruled by panic attacks then you could learn to take back control. Step by step and day by day you could put yourself back where you belong – in the driving seat of your life.

This package teaches you how to re-establish control over your emotions – in a healthy way, to let go of the past and to build a better future.

Grinding, hissing, whistling, shrilling, trilling, ringing and more. Such are the ways in which tinnitus can drive a person to despair.

You can learn to beat the anxiety, the despair, the depression and the rage which this condition can bring. Step by step and day by day you could move towards a better life.

This package will help you to move along the path to habituation and towards your long-awaited freedom from the tyranny of tinnitus.