Alcohol Abuse. Take back control!

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Alcohol can be a great friend and most people know how to have a good time in its company. There is a limit, however, beyond which a good friend can become tiresome, a burden and – eventually – a master.

If you have found that abusing alcohol has had a negative impact upon your life and if you are determined to stop the habit then help is at hand. The Hypnotherapy Store offers you a package of hypnotherapy and other approaches which will help you to put a stop to the habit once and for all.

Take back control and become the best possible you! The Alcohol Abuse Package gives you all the tools you need in order to become master of your own destiny, free of the past and facing squarely into a better and happier future. Let’s work together and make it happen!

Emotional regulation and rituals. Both need to be dealt with concurrently

Every smoker knows, should they give it a speck of thought, that their habit depends upon little rituals. Habitual alcohol use is very much the same. It’s almost always the same drink, the same glass, the same time of day and the same place, so on and so forth…

Our alcohol package helps you to overturn these habits and so to weaken your habit at its base.

Our alcohol package also helps you to find new and better ways of regulating your feelings than through the bottom of a bottle.

It’s time to say goodbye to that old ‘friend’ and to build yourself a better future.

Those who use alcohol on an habitual basis, those who become dependent upon it are relying on it to fill an emotional gap. Sometimes it kills the anxiety. Sometimes it kills the rage. Sometimes it simply helps us to forget whatever it is which truly troubles us.

It’s simply the case that the disadvantages of the habit come, over time, to outweigh the perceived benefits. The dependence on alcohol just becomes too expensive to keep up. Relationships, friendships, careers, health and self-esteem all begin to be damaged by our dependence on alcohol. You’re here now because it has all become too much to carry on with.

New ways of dealing with feelings, new ways of dealing with the urge to drink, new ways of looking at our own selves in the mirror: these are all addressed in our alcohol package.

Our Alcohol Abuse Package gives you:

  1. Different ways of controlling the urge to drink.
  2. Ways, where necessary, of letting go of the past.
  3. Ways of forgiving yourself and moving on.
  4. Better ways of managing emotions – with no need for alcohol.
  5. Ways to measure your progress.
  6. A structured yet flexible route to sobriety and freedom.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

A range of approaches for a range of different requirements

Hypnotherapy recordings, mindfulness-based interventions, practical tools and a whole lot more is yours for the taking. What’s more, how to use it is all explained in a handbook for you to consult and follow.

Be sure to read the ‘note of caution’ below and to survey our terms and conditions before proceeding to the store in order to purchase your package.

A note of caution:

Firstly, this package is designed for those who wish to stop drinking altogether. There are ways and means, for some people, to row back from alcohol dependency and to re-establish a habit of responsible drinking. Even then, however, it is always easier and better to stop altogether and then build it back in at a later date – when the causes of the habit have been deal with. This package does not cover that. It is designed to help people to stop and to stay stopped.

Secondly, this package does not preclude you from the need to consult with your GP if you are drinking extremely heavily and consistently. There are very real physical dangers in withdrawing from heavy drinking habits too rapidly. It is for this reason that the Alcohol Abuse Package takes a gradual approach to the cessation of alcohol abuse. Do not try to hurry things. Consult with your GP in order to establish a safe timescale for withdrawing from your dependence on alcohol and use the approaches in our package accordingly.

Remember, quick and easy fixes bring short-term and easily crushed results!