Anger. Learn to be in control!

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Ooooh. Anger is like drinking a bottle of poison and expecting the other person to die. Too often, however, the person we’re truly angry at isn’t around. Sometimes they’ve even passed on, moved away or haven’t even been seen for decades.

Persistent, suppressed, anger is a heavy burden to carry and it all too often bursts out against the people we love, for no real reason and becomes, over time, an acid which can corrode even the strongest of relationships.

Our Anger Package helps you to tame the beast within and to be at peace with your past, your present and – most importantly – yourself.

Your anger doesn’t have to be a part of you any longer. You can learn to be free of it and you can build better, stronger and healthier relationships with the people you love and who deserve to have the best version of you in their lives. Our Anger Package shows you how.

Emotional regulation, healing and triggers. All need to be dealt with concurrently

Anger is a natural and sometimes a desirable emotion. It’s when it explodes uncontrollably, too often and in inappropriate circumstances that it becomes a real issue in need of therapy.

Emotional suppression will increase the fury when, at last, anger is triggered.

Perhaps there’s truly something to be angry about. Perhaps you’re suppressing anger from the past. Perhaps you’ve just been taught, by parents or by trauma, to keep angry feelings in.

Whatever the cause of your angry outbursts, you need to be free of it and to learn better ways of managing your feelings, no matter what the triggers may be.

Our Anger Package delivers just that.

Sometimes our parents are angry and we learn that expressing our feelings is of no use. After all, nobody listens. So, we learn to keep our feelings inside of us and to suppress them. However, doing so doesn’t see them disappear. No, they simply build beneath the surface and explode at quite the wrong time.

It needn’t be parents who are responsible. Bullying at school, various forms of abuse or any other kind of trauma can teach us that feelings are best left buried. It may simply be that we grew up in a household where ‘boys don’t cry’ and where ‘be strong’ was absorbed as a kind of internal command.

Unfortunately, however, feelings simply won’t stay buried for ever. Like zombies they will rise from the dead and always at the worst possible time.

If your relationships, your career, friendships and self-esteem are becoming threatened by your inability to keep anger under control then it’s time to deal with it, once and for all. Anger needn’t continue to wreck your life and your happiness. There are ways of learning to do things differently and our Anger Package will teach you how.

Our Anger Package gives you:

  1. Ways of regulating your emotions more healthily.
  2. Ways of being free from your past.
  3. Ways of coping with trigger moments.
  4. Ways of building self-esteem.
  5. Ways of forgiving yourself and others.
  6. A structured yet flexible means of being freed from uncontrollable anger.
  7. Ways of measuring your progress towards a happier self.
  8. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

Different approaches for different people with different needs.

Hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP, inner child, psychodynamic approaches and many more besides are integrated into a package which gives you the ability to match our offer to your needs.

Anger needn’t be given the power to control your life and the quality of your relationships any longer. Our package will give you the tools to take back control and to put your life in order, once and for all.