Anxiety. Set yourself free!

Anxiety is the stealer of life. It gnaws away at the quality of life, forever forcing you to retreat away from those situations which evoke the feeling, until there’s nothing left and you’re a prisoner.

Perhaps now is the time to call a halt. Perhaps now is the time to refuse to give into the demands of anxiety any longer. Perhaps now is the time to stop being anxious about being anxious and to begin fighting back.

If so then our Anxiety Package gives you the tools with which to reclaim your life, free from the tyranny of anxiety. The Anxiety Package sets you free to build the life you’d love to have, step by step and day by day.

Anxiety can be learned from anxious parents or taught by abusive ones.

It can be learned through bullying at school, a single significant trauma or through an overload of stress over time.

Anxiety teaches us to guard against future threats but it can also become over-vigilant, at the expense of preventing us from enjoying what is safe to enjoy and keeping us from moving forward with our lives.

There are numberless ways of learning to be excessively anxious. Any of them, however, can be overcome. Anxiety can be beaten and our Anxiety Package could help you.

Learning to be OK with the fact you’re feeling anxious is generally the key to being free from generalised anxiety disorder. After all, becoming anxious about being anxious is rarely going to help. In fact it only makes things worse. Learning to find sources of strength and to use these to push back against anxiety-provoking situations is going to help you to learn that anxiety can be beaten.

Learning to give yourself credit for every step back to a better life will be key to rebuilding that shattered sense of self-esteem. Learning, day by day, to take back control and to let go of whatever it is, in your past, which led you here will be essential to setting yourself free.

Enabling yourself to push back against fear, using just the right tools at the right time, will unlock the gates to a happier and more confident future. You can do it and our Anxiety Package will help you.

Our Anxiety Package gives you:

  1. Methods of regulating your emotions more effectively, no longer being afraid of fear.
  2. Ways of building self-esteem and self-acceptance.
  3. A structured and supported way of confronting and defeating anxiety, step by step.
  4. Ways of measuring progress and recovering from relapses.
  5. Ways of dealing with the past and leaving it behind you.
  6. A flexible and adaptable means of taking control of your life once more.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

Different approaches for different people with different needs.

Hypnotherapeutic, mindful, psychodynamic, gestalt, solution-focused, NLP and inner child approaches combine in order to form a coherent package through which you can drive anxiety into touch, once and for all.