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Launching the Anger Package

Hypnotherapy for anger issues.

The Anger Package is the first of The Hypnotherapy Store’s packages to be released and as such it represents a real breaking of new ground. Not only does it offer a number of hypnotherapy recordings and resources unmatched by any other online offer we’ve seen, it also does so within a structured approach, offering guidance to the client as to how they can work with the resources through time.

Anger is a natural emotion and serves a valuable role in our psyches. Only when it’s out of control does it pose a problem. This package helps to bring anger back into the bounds of control. It doesn’t, of course, aim or serve to rid a person of the capacity for anger altogether. That wouldn’t be at all healthy. It does, however, help a person to establish a new relationship with their emotions, their own selves and with their pasts. When this is achieved, or at least underway, uncontrollable rage diminishes and fades.

So, if you’ve had enough of losing control. If you’ve had enough of losing relationships, friendships and perhaps even jobs, this package could help you. Get back your self-respect and let’s work together to put you back in the driving seat of your own feelings, of your own life!

Each of the four weeks is supported by a short video which explains the basics of that week’s ambitions. Of course, some clients may choose to take longer over the different sections, revisiting earlier weeks of work as they see fit. This is absolutely fine and clients are encouraged to take from the package whatever proves to be useful whilst putting aside any which don’t quite seem to fit. There are more than enough resources and approaches in this package and so if one or other of them doesn’t suit you personally, simply let it go.

It’s time to stop beating yourself and to take some action!

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It’s easy to find reasons not to do anything, at least not today. Plenty of days, weeks, months and years can be allowed to slip by in such a manner. Perhaps they already have.

For less than the price of one single hypnotherapy or psychotherapy session you could begin working on the solutions to this problem today!

Eleven hypnotherapy recordings for anger, a handbook, four videos and two easy and supportive charts await you. Why wait any longer?