Depression. You could leave it behind you!

Depression is the stealer of joy and the thief of hope.If you’ve been diagnosed with depression and would like some help with escaping its clutches then please read on.

The Hypnotherapy Store understands that depression is a serious and life-threatening condition. Our Depression Package does not pretend to be a panacea. It will not remove your despair and numbness with a few magic words.

The Depression Package gives you a range of tools with which you can learn to deal with your feelings more helpfully, become more compassionate to yourself, build a sense of agency and so take those actions which, one step at a time, will pull you free of depression’s jaws.

Depression is like quicksand. Attempting to fight it off won’t work.

Anhedonia, the loss of pleasure, is one of the worst symptoms of depression. Nothing seems worthwhile because everything feels flat and lifeless.

Unfortunately, the more you withdraw from the things you used to enjoy the worse you’ll feel and the more time you’ll have to fixate upon your problems.

The more you beat yourself up for feeling this way, the more you try to fight yourself and your feelings, the worse you feel. It all becomes a nasty vicious circle which sees depression worsen and worsen.

Let’s work together to reverse this process, one single step at a time.

If it were possible to bully yourself out of clinical depression then it’s a fairly safe bet that you’ll have done it already. If you could retreat into the safety of your own home and into your own bed and find that the problem disappeared then this would already have happened too.

What’s needed is an approach through which you can better learn to manage your feelings, become a kinder friend to yourself and through which you could take the necessary steps to build and maintain a far healthier sense of self worth.

Our Depression package gives you:

  1. Ways of working with your feelings instead of always fighting against them.
  2. Ways of summoning your inner strength.
  3. Methods of rebuilding your self-esteem and increasing self-acceptance.
  4. Ways of dealing with any relevant issues from the past, once and for all.
  5. Ways of measuring and maintaining your progress.
  6. A structured, yet flexible way of taking positive actions towards a sustainable recovery.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

Different approaches to depression for differing needs.

There are many different potential causes of depression and the Depression package does its utmost to offer a range of approaches to cover all bases.

Learning to deal with your own feelings in a more constructive and kinder manner, learning to be a better friend to yourself and beginning on a carefully graded, practical road to recovery will prove vital, no matter how depression arose.

By working together, you and the Depression Package will greatly increase your chances of escaping from depression. Continue with the good habits and new approaches you’ll have learned along the way and you’ll also greatly reduce any risk of your slipping back into depression in the future.

A note of caution…

Whilst the approaches contained within the Depression Package will assist with depression of any severity, those with moderate to severe depression should ensure that they consult with their doctor.

We at The Hypnotherapy Store are not against anti-depressant medication. Indeed, research shows that medication and psychotherapy, combined, are more effective in the treatment of depression than either medication or psychotherapy alone.

The Depression Package does not clash in any shape or form with the the concurrent use of medication.
It is not a case of ‘either or’.