Erectile Dysfunction. Be free of it!

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most soul-destroying of conditions which therapists work with on a very regular basis. If you’re presently suffering from impotence and are looking for some hypnotherapy help then please be assured that you’re far from alone.

According to the Cleveland Clinic at least 50% of men experience problems with the condition at some point in their lives, the likelihood of it occurring increasing with age. That’s a great many men.

If you have found that the stress caused by erectile dysfunction has caused it to become a self-perpetuating vicious circle then help is at hand. The Hypnotherapy Store’s Erectile Dysfunction Package deals with the problem as and when it’s experienced as well as tackling any relevant deeper issues.

It’s time to deal with it, once and for all, and to get back to enjoying intimacy once again.

A practical approach which deals with the deeper issues too!

When it happened the first time it may have been embarrassing or perhaps you managed to shrug it off.

When it happened again you began to worry and it was that worry which began to turn it into a seemingly permanent issue.

Perhaps you’re now at the stage where even the thought of being intimate with your partner brings out a cold sweat and that dreadful fight or flight response.

The Erectile Dysfunction Package works to undo that vicious circle, helping you to recover confidence and calmness in the bedroom.

Sometimes it can be a period of stress at work which begins the vicious circle of persistent erectile dysfunction. Other significant life events can affect a man’s ability to perform in the bedroom and then that endless nagging worry takes hold: ‘what if this keeps happening.

By degrees a man’s confidence is shattered and he will then begin to find excuses to avoid the humiliation of sexual intimacy. He will be ‘too tired’ or offer up the classic headache excuse. A kiss or a hug from a partner will begin to evoke that sense of dread and in time even these will often be avoided.

Sometimes, however, deeper issues come into play and can either cause impotence or worsen it once present. Sometimes a man’s poor relationship with his mother can affect his relationship with women from childhood onwards. Sometimes sexual abuse in childhood can rear its head, once again, when a young man begins his first adventures with sexual partners.

There are many potential factors in the development of erectile dysfunction and the Erectile Dysfunction Package addresses them all.

Our Erectile Dysfunction Package gives you:

  1. Better ways of dealing with the stress of sexual intimacy.
  2. Ways of building confidence, in the bedroom and outside.
  3. Ways of dealing with issues from the past which cause or complicate impotence.
  4. A structured program through which steps one to three can be worked upon.
  5. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

An effective route to sexual confidence.

The approaches contained within the Erectile Dysfunction Package have been tried and tested in therapy rooms across the country. They incorporate hypnotherapy, mindfulness, solution focused and psychodynamic approaches and are all carefully and fully explained in a handy booklet.

You too could use these approaches in order to re-establish a healthily enjoyable sex-life within your relationship.

Those days and nights of torment don’t have to be put up with any longer. Erectile Dysfunction doesn’t have to blight your life anymore. It’s time to set yourself free!

Whilst flexible the package nonetheless requires that you stick to a certain programme within the bedroom. Sticking to the program will greatly increase the likelihood of success. Short-cuts, in this area of psychotherapy, only lead you right back to the start.

This package is also designed for those who are tackling Erectile Dysfunction within a stable and supportive relationship. Working together with your partner will maximise your chances of success.

Be sure to read the ‘note of caution’ below and to survey our terms and conditions before proceeding to the store in order to purchase your package.

A note of caution:

Erectile Dysfunction is more often than not a consequence of psychological factors. However, there is also the possibility that the problem (at least in its origins) reflects medical problems of one kind or another. It is for this reason that we very strongly urge you to consult with your doctor.

If medical causation is discovered then The Erectile Dysfunction Package will still be of use in helping you to combat the psychological aspects of your erectile dysfunction.