Health Anxiety. Set yourself free!

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The constant googling of symptoms, frequent visits to medical services, incessant fretting and worry, physical anxiety and a world which appears increasingly plagued with danger: such is the life of a person with health anxiety.

Minor symptoms become the earliest signs of deadly diseases. Extreme precautions, so as to avoid the risk of the feared disease or condition, are adopted and life becomes a series of endless checking – just in case the lump is bigger, the rash is redder or the ache a little more severe.

The Hypnotherapy Store is very familiar with health anxiety and so we have designed our Health Anxiety Package in order to reach as many sufferers as we can.

You could learn to let go of the obsessive thoughts. You could be free of the fear. Constant anxiety could be left behind you. A happier life is out there. Let’s work together to make it happen!

The thoughts, the fear, the checking and the search for reassurance: the Health Anxiety Package tackles them all.

Sometimes an illness in the early years causes a person to become anxious about their health into the future.

Other sufferers had parents, siblings or friends who were very ill, or who had health anxiety themselves, this experience leaving a lasting impression and leading to health anxiety in later life.

Perhaps there has been a more recent health scare and you haven’t yet learned to let go of that fear.

Sometimes generally anxious people simply find that their anxiety crystallises around issues concerning health.

There is a way out!

Health anxiety shares a great many features of OCD and many medical professionals believe that it should be classes as a form of the same condition. The Hypnotherapy Store’s Health Anxiety Package treats it as such.

The Health Anxiety Package aims to help you to resolve whatever the original cause of such anxiety may have been. It works to help you to re-establish control over obsessive thoughts, to control urges to check, to google, to call a doctor for reassurance. It works to help you to control and overcome anxiety and to grind this problem out of your life once and for all.

It’s a truly horrid problem to have and is perfectly capable of wrecking a person’s quality of life altogether. Hypnotherapy, when combined with other approaches in a coherent and holistic package of interventions, could be the key to setting you free.

What the Health Anxiety Package gives you:

  1. Ways of managing and resolving anxiety in general.
  2. Ways of neutralising the psychological effects of events from the past.
  3. Ways of controlling and working to eliminate obsessive thoughts.
  4. Ways of controlling urges to check, to google, to consult doctors.
  5. Ways of focusing on a happier future.
  6. Ways to measure and assess progress.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

A range of different approaches for a range of different people.

No single approach is going to suit everybody and so our Health Anxiety Package offers a range of different approaches in order to cater for the biggest possible slice of the population. Our package draws on hypnotherapy, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy, inner child therapy, CBT, NLP and other modalities, all of these coming together through a booklet which explains how you might design your own route to freedom.