IBS. Take back control!

Bloating, diarrheoa, acid reflux, constipation, discomfort and the constant need for the toilet are the earliest symptoms of this quite awful condition.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome may well go on to cause a fear of being too distant from a toilet, a fear of accidents and, over time, an increasing refusal to go outside of safe places at all. Phobias of travelling, meetings and public occasions are common consequences of IBS and contribute to rising anxiety and panic as life becomes ever more difficult.

The good news is that hypnotherapy for IBS is NICE approved in the UK. NICE is the public body which decides which treatments should have NHS approval and it is thanks to the work of one Dr Whorwell that hypnotherapy was proven to be an effective treatment for IBS.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s IBS Package takes the best of established procedures of dealing with IBS and moulds them into a coherent package through which you can work to re-establish control over your life and over IBS itself.

Symptoms, consequences and causes, our IBS package tackles them all.

We at The Hypnotherapy Store have never met an IBS client who was great at handling stress.

Learning to deal with emotions in a more constructive manner will prove key to your recovery from irritable bowel syndrome.

Sometimes this can involve reassessing and coming to terms with whole other areas of your past as well as with the present.

Learning to deal with symptoms in a manner less conducive to creating a vicious cycle of cause and consequence will also play a large part in your emergence from the hell of IBS.

Our IBS package will teach you how to do this and more.

IBS is often the diagnosis which is given when other potential causes of the same symptoms have been ruled out. It seems to be a bit of a ‘catch all’ diagnosis because doctors see no signs of ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease.

I was investigated for IBS in 2007 and was told to ‘change my job’ because of the stress which teaching, at that time, was causing.

That, however, was only one part of the answer. Stress is a given if you happen to be alive. Dealing with it in a healthy manner, however, is a different thing entirely. Those people with IBS tend to be those who stifle stress, who bottle it up and all in the effort to be ‘strong’.

The problem with suppressing emotions, however, is that they don’t disappear. Adrenaline, cortisol and other stress hormones will remain in the system and they will always, in time, cause problems, problems of which IBS is just one.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s IBS package teaches you to deal with stress differently. It helps you to stop becoming so stressed about the symptoms of IBS that you just worsen and create more of them. It helps you to get your life back, step by step and day by day. Through this approach you will learn to let go of IBS, regain control over your life and become a happier and emotionally healthier person in the process.

What the IBS Package gives you:

  1. Ways of helping you to deal with emotions / stress more healthily.
  2. Ways of helping you to deal with the discomfort of IBS more easily.
  3. Methods of dealing with any aspects of your past which contribute to IBS.
  4. Means of gathering your strength and reclaiming your life from fear.
  5. Methods by which you can measure and assess progress.
  6. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

A flexible approach for different needs

IBS is a deceptively simple condition. It presents with various symptoms and too many hypnotherapists, as well as too may hypnotherapy recordings, deal with those symptoms and those symptoms alone.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s IBS package helps you to deal with those very same symptoms but also with the underlying issues which brought it about and which, to varying extents, worsen it once begun.

Of course, these various issues differ from person to person and so a flexible online package is essential if each person is to benefit.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s IBS package does just that, providing a varied set of different approaches to suit every need.

Drawing upon hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP, solution-focused, inner child, gestalt and psychodynamic approaches, the IBS Package offers a comprehensive approach and solution to IBS.

Freedom from IBS is simply a click away.

A note of caution:

IBS is a condition which neither you nor The Hypnotherapy Store is qualified to diagnose. Before commencing with the IBS Package it is important that you consult with your medical doctor.

Similar symptoms may present in conditions such as ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease. It is important that such possible causes are eliminated before proceeding with the assumption that IBS is the problem.

Many people will also find it useful to consult with a suitably qualified nutritionist, who may or may not find that certain food intolerances /allergies lie behind all or much of the problem’s symptomology.