OCD. Kick it into touch!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a cancer which eats away at the fabric of life until nothing is left. it acquires the qualities of a progressive disease, gathering strength and forcing the sufferer, over time, back into a smaller and smaller circle of supposed safety.

There is no safety. The obsessive thoughts become more ingrained and powerful. Sometimes these thoughts remain the sole symptom of OCD, this being known as ‘pure o’.

Sometimes sufferers develop compulsions with which to neutralise the thoughts. The thought, for example, might be that ‘if I’m not careful germs will kill my family’. That recurrent thought becomes the ‘obsessive’ part of OCD.

If a sufferer begins to wash his or hands to an excessive degree and / or frequency then the compulsion to do so provides the ‘compulsive’ part of OCD.

Over time the thoughts and obsessions get in the way of everyday functioning. Checking that the lights or oven are turned off requires so much time and worry that the sufferer is unable to focus upon family life. Re-checking work can mean that jobs are lost.

There are so many forms of OCD

Pretty much everybody knows of the cleaning and germophobic form of OCD. Anybody who is excessively tidy runs the risk of acquiring the label.

There is also HOCD which is the problem which arises when fears and doubts about one’s sexuality become obsessive and destructive to the quality of life.

There is ROCD where the sufferer is plagued by doubts that the partner they’re with is the right person, that they don’t love them, that they should end the relationship and so forth.

There are many forms of OCD. The Hypnotherapy Store’s OCD package is designed to help with them all.

Symptoms and cause: both must be dealt with concurrently.

OCD is classified as being an anxiety disorder. It is the symptom of an underlying anxiety and is not the core issue.

Learning to identify and resolve the underlying issue will be key to resolving OCD once and for all.

A combination of dealing with the OCD symptology as well as dealing with deeper issues is key to successful treatment.

It is a deeply rooted problem and one session wonder-cures have no hope of permanently resolving the problem.

OCD is an anxiety disorder and the more you become stressed about other areas of your life the greater the symptoms of OCD will become.

Perhaps you have a traumatic past in which you felt completely out of control. Perhaps those habits which eventually grew into becoming OCD had their origins in your attempts to restore order and control to your life.

Perhaps one or both parents were anxious and prone to OCD type symptoms themselves. Children look to parents and absorb the appropriate lessons. After all, if a seemingly all-powerful parent was scared of germs or checked everything twenty times then there really must have been a danger – at least in the perception of a young child.

The Hypnotherapy Store’s OCD Package will help you to resolve both symptom and cause. OCD and the underlying issues which created it can be laid to rest, once and for all.

What the OCD package gives you:

  1. Means of dealing with anxiety – underlying anxieties and anxieties surrounding OCD.
  2. Ways of dealing with traumas or causes of unhappiness from the past.
  3. Methods of managing emotions more effectively.
  4. Ways of controlling obsessive thoughts.
  5. Methods through which you can confront your fears and learn to master them.
  6. Ways of measuring, assessing and adjusting your progress towards a happier life.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

A range of different approaches for different expressions of OCD

When you have learned to deal with the symptoms of OCD as well as having resolved its underlying causes you can be sure of being free of it forever.

To this end our OCD Package incorporates hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Exposure response previon therapy, solution-focused, psychodynamic, CBT, NLP, inner child and gestalt approaches into a coherent package of therapies. Together they give you the tools to take charge of your life in order to resolve your problems with OCD now and here on after.