Panic Disorder / Panic Attacks. Get rid and be free!

At The Hypnotherapy Store we can think of few worse things than panic attacks, and so we’re truly sorry that you’re here and in need of a solution. Of course, the good news is that we have designed a Panic Package specifically designed to help you to free yourself from such panic, from fear and from the fear of fear.

It can be done. The approaches in our Panic Package were road tested on hundreds of face to face clients before being brought together in a digital package. Hypnotherapy recordings and other exercises come together to help you in your quest to lay panic and anxiety to rest, once and for all.

Symptom and cause. We’ll deal with them both!

panic attacks and hypnotherapy

At The Hypnotherapy Store we’ve never once met a person who suffers from panic attacks and who manages their feelings and emotions in a healthy manner.

Bottling things up, criticising yourself for being anxious, hating yourself and letting that inner critic run wild are all ways of bringing that panic attack on sooner and with greater ferocity.

Our Panic Package helps you to deal with feelings in a way which means they won’t build up and explode outwards in a panic attack.

Panic attacks are the consequence of suppressed stress and anxiety. If you make a habit of suppressing your feelings then they don’t just go away. They build up and up and then erupt in one huge burst of adrenaline and fear.

Learn to deal with anxiety in a healthier manner and you can process feelings as they arise. That way they don’t build up beneath the surface and so can’t explode in a panic attack. Learn to be OK and more self-compassionate with feelings of anxiety and the feeling dissipates more easily, leaving you feeling calmer and more in control.

Learn to be more confident in your own self and you don’t feel anxious, or nearly so much, to begin with. This may involve dealing with certain aspects of the past. It may not. The Hypnotherapy Store’s Panic Package gives you the freedom to choose the approaches appropriate for you.

What the Panic Package gives you:

  1. Ways of managing feelings of anxiety in a healthier manner.
  2. Ways of moving back into your life step by step and day by day.
  3. Methods of becoming more self-compassionate and positive about yourself.
  4. Ways of building confidence and feelings of self-worth.
  5. Methods of letting go of whatever in your past helped to lead to panic disorder symptoms.
  6. Ways of measuring and assessing your progress.
  7. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

You can learn to deal with feelings in such a healthy way that they flow more easily and so disappear. You could even learn to enjoy the nicer feelings more fully. Feelings are merely information and learning to let go of the fear of fear itself is an excellent way of regaining control.

The approaches contained in the Panic Package have been road-tested with hundreds of clients in face to face hypnotherapy sessions. They have helped a great many people before you and now it’s your turn. If you would like to be able to let go of your anxiety and the panic attacks which that anxiety causes, you know what to do.

A note of caution:

Well, this is less a ‘note of caution’ than a simple message which repeats The Hypnotherapy Store’s opinion on medication.

Medication will rarely take away all anxiety of a panic disorder or the ability to feel a single thing. It will help to stabilise you and may enable other therapies to be more effective in helping you set you free from panic. When this is done, of course, you’ll no longer need the medication.

So it would be a temporary thing and the evidence shows that, for a great many people, psychotherapy and medication together are more effective than either alone.