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If you're truly sick and tired of allowing tinnitus to wreck your life then perhaps this package is for you. It's designed to help you to habituate to the sound in order that you will fail to notice it for great stretches of time and so that when you do notice its presence, you simply won't be bothered by it being there.

Furthermore, I have worked with tinnitus on enough occasions to know that people who are bothered by their tinnitus are generally prone to anxiety, worry and stress in any case. The Hypnotherapy Store's Tinnitus Package, therefore, deals not only with the tinnitus itself but also with whatever lies within your past which has led you to be so sensitive to tinnitus to begin with.

Many people have come to realise that they are grateful for the arrival of tinnitus in their lives. It has not only led them to seek help with tinnitus but it has also led them into dealing with a whole host of issues which they would have otherwise never resolved.

This package offers you the following:

1. An assessment form which helps you to establish where you are, where you want to be and how to monitor your progress towards your goals.

2. A monitoring chart which helps you to map your progress. This will help you to maintain your poise should the level of your tinnitus surge for a time, causing you anxiety and stress.

3. TEN hypnotherapy recordings which help you along the path of habituation and freedom from tinnitus.

4. A handbook which explains how and when to use the different recordings and interventions.

These hypnotherapy recordings for tinnitus could be your route to freedom. Why continue to suffer when liberty is at hand?

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The Hypnotherapy Store team.

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