Tinnitus. Turn it off!

If you feel as if you’re losing your mind because of the endless noise then you’ve come to the right place. The Hypnotherapy Store has a great deal of experience of working with tinnitus and so does understand how terrifying it is to think that this is how things are going to be, forever.

The good news is that tinnitus doesn’t have to be a life sentence. If you’ve learned to focus upon the sound and to respond with negative emotions then you can unlearn that same response. You can get your life back and learn to thrive once again!

The Hypnotherapy Store’s Tinnitus Package is designed to help you to overcome the feeling of being threatened by the sound, in order that your brain can reverse the process by which it became so sensitised to its presence in your life.

Habituation: the answer to the hell of tinnitus.

If you move next door to a major road then the chances are that you’ll eventually become so used to the noise that you simply stop hearing it.

The process by which your brain cuts out the noise from your awareness is called ‘habituation’. You have very likely become habituated to a great many sounds in your life without realising what the process is called.

You can learn to do the same with the sounds caused by your tinnitus.

When you are habituated to your tinnitus then it may as well not be there at all. You’ll be free and able to enjoy your life once more.

It’s estimated that up to 7% of the population experience tinnitus at some point in their lives. 75% of people simply acknowledge its presence and get on with their lives, finding that they eventually get so used to the noise that they simply fail to notice it very much at all. They habituate naturally and largely without a problem.

It’s understood that the remaining 25% of people, those who find it problematic to cope with, are those who had a tendency to fret and to worry, perhaps experiencing persistent anxiety, before the onset of tinnitus caused them a further problem. Tinnitus simply gave them something new to focus their worry and anxiety upon.

The more you become exasperated by the noise of tinnitus the more your brain learns to focus your attention upon it. After all, if it’s a threat then you need to focus upon it, don’t you, for how else are you going to deal with it?

However, this merely creates a vicious circle, for the more you view the sound negatively, the more you focus upon it and the louder it appears to be. This merely increases the stress and stress is known to worsen it further. What an unpleasant mess!

Our Tinnitus Package Gives you:

  1. Ways of managing your emotional response to the sound of tinnitus.
  2. Methods of managing emotions more effectively in general.
  3. Ways of dealing with any aspects of your past or present which worsen the tendency to become stressed and thus which worsen tinnitus.
  4. A structured approach to getting your life back into shape once more.
  5. Methods of measuring and assessing your progress.
  6. A handbook which explains what to do, how and when, in a manner which still leaves you in control.

A package of approaches which you can tailor to your individual needs and preferences

Hypnotherapeutic, mindful, NLP and solution-focused approaches are blended in order to help you to change your approach to the sound of tinnitus and thus allow the process of habituation to begin.

Psychodynamic, gestalt, inner child and other humanistic approaches will tackle, concurrently, any wider tendencies to anxiety and stress in your everyday life.

Together these approaches give you the best possible chance of freeing yourself from the tyranny of tinnitus. Your life doesn’t have to be destroyed by the noise. You can learn to be free of it.

A note of caution:

Tinnitus is a medical condition and does need a doctor’s input. Please do consult with medical professionals rather than simply relying on self-diagnosis.

The Tinnitus Package aims at helping people to habituate to the noise of tinnitus. This means that you will spend a great deal of your life forgetting to notice it and not being nearly so distressed by the sound when you do. The Hypnotherapy Store cannot promise that the Tinnitus Package will help you to remove it from your life altogether.

This package can be safely combined with the use of white noise or similar therapies. Please ensure that you do not drown out the noise with white, pink or brown noise. Such therapies are designed to help you to habituate to the sound of tinnitus and this cannot happen if you cannot hear the noise to begin with.

Habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol use can sometimes accentuate the sound of your tinnitus due to their effects upon your blood pressure. You may wish to take steps to make healthier choices in order to aid the process of habituation.